Publishing the Palaeolithic: acceptance rates, impact factors and publication times

Palaeolithic archaeology is closely intertwined with a range of disciplines such as evolutionary anthropology, quaternary sciences, palaeoclimatology, biology and ecology, making it important to get excavation, faunal and lithic data widely published and accessible. With the absence of a journal specifically dedicated to Palaeolithic Archaeology, choosing the right journal isn’t always easy. Elsevier now has a ‘journal finder’ tool which gives you suggestions on where to publish your paper based on its title and abstract. Interestingly, this tool also provides information on the journal’s acceptance rates, publication times and impact factors.

We have collated this information for some prime Elsevier journals which often contain Palaeolithic archaeology papers.
Have a look for yourself, can you see any trends?

Data from Journal Finder:                              Impact  factor                      Acceptance rate                   Publication time
L’Anthropologie                                              0.569                                     100%                                     39 weeks
Comptes Rendus Palevol                               1.167                                      84%                                      33 weeks
Quaternary International                                 2.128                                      86%                                      43 weeks
J Archaeological Science                               2.139                                      49%                                      15 weeks
J Anthropological Archaeology                        2.319                                      32%                                      38 weeks
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclim-
atology, Palaeoecology                                 2.752                                       58%                                      28 weeks
J of Human Evolution                                    3.867                                       54%                                      24 weeks
Quaternary Science Reviews                         4.571                                       56%                                      22 weeks

Values collected though the Elsevier journal finder, situation on 15/01/2015, Publication time includes editorial and production time.

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