Châtelperronian and late Mousterian at Les Bossats (Paris Basin)

Middle Palaeolithic pigments

The recent discovery (2009) and excavation of the open-air site of Ormesson (Seine-et-Marne – France) revealed an interesting  sequence of Gravettian – Solutrean – Châtelperronian – Middle Palaeolithic, unique for Northern France. The latest publication in Quaternary International focusses on level 4, the discoidal Mousterian. Preservation at the site is exceptional with animal bones, remnants of fireplaces and 77 pieces of pigments. This site has the potential to reveal important information about Neanderthal behaviour. A further publication on the Chatelperronian level is especially awaited since Les Bossats is the most northerly find spot of Chatelperron points, a 100km northwest of the famous site of Arcy-sur-Cure.

Reference: Pierre Bodu, Hélène Salomon, Mathieu Leroyer, Henri-Georges Naton, Jessica Lacarriere, Mélina Dessoles. 2013. An open-air site from the recent Middle Palaeolithic in the Paris Basin (France): Les Bossats at Ormesson (Seine-et-Marne) Quaternary International, Available online 28 October 2013

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